The success of FK Gardner and Sons is built on generations of hardworking and experienced people with strong family values and a commitment to achieving common goals. We believe that our people are the platform to our success and as such, we are committed to developing and retaining a dedicated and skilled workforce at all times.

As an FKG employee you are expected to strive for the best outcomes for our clients while maintaining our corporate values.

We place the highest value on our employees and have implemented a variety of benefits and strategies to reinforce our commitment to a happy, healthy and productive workforce. All corporate policies and people management strategies are implemented with a focus on promoting the wellbeing of our employees and the continuous improvement of our Group.

Key benefits we offer our team include:

  • 10% superannuation
  • Healthy, nutritious lunches provided daily
  • Fully equipped gymnasiums
  • Personal training sessions and fitness consultations
  • Skin cancer checks
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Opportunities for Career Development and Learning
  • Free Employee Assistance Program

We are always looking for vibrant, motivated and experienced personnel so if you believe that you could fit the FKG mould please contact our Human Resources team on 0746 200 500.

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