Educational facilities have been a significant part of the FKG Group’s portfolio of work throughout our 40 years’ of operation. Our innovative designs and advanced building solutions has resulted in state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities that meet the ongoing demands of the education profession.

We are proud of our diverse projects ranging from early childcare, primary, and secondary through to tertiary facilities delivered by Managing Contractor, design and construct and traditional lump sum. Our experience includes: multi-purpose halls, libraries, general learning area classrooms, science laboratories, sporting facilities, lecture theatres, early learning centres and campus infrastructure.

Our clients benefit from our preparation and the implementation of detailed project specific management system plans that control all aspects of safety, quality, environmental and site management. Our ability to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure on time delivery with minimal disruption when undertaking works in an operational teaching facility is yet another skill that has helped us develop long-term client relationships.


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