Community funding applications

In over 40 years of operation, the FKG Group has directly funded community and sporting events, charitable organisations and youth development programs through sponsorships, donations and community investment funding. The FKG Group has developed a set of Community Investment Funding guidelines which provide direction when preparing proposals for consideration. When reviewing Community Investment Funding requests, the FKG Group will only consider applications received in writing addressing the following:

  • Organisation description and community role;
  • Location, promotion, publicity and scheduling of the proposed activity/event;
  • Degree of community involvement/benefit;
  • Amount of funding requested with breakdown of planned spending;
  • Whether the application’s objective supports the FKG Group’s central values;
  • Other sponsors involved or that you have applied for sponsorship from; and
  • The anticipated outcome expected from your sponsorship request.

Applicants will be contacted by the FKG Group to advise the application’s outcome. If approved, the FKG Group’s Marketing department will liaise with the successful applicant regarding requirements surrounding the funding.

Please attention Community Investment Funding applications to:
POST: PO Box 6441, Toowoomba, Qld, 4350

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