Clare Substation

Location: Clare, Queensland
Client: Tenix Alliance
Status: Completed August, 2009
Value: $4.5 Million
Capability: Civil
Sector: Energy
Service: Bulk Earthworks, Concrete, Substations

Located at Clare, 20km west of Ayr in Northern Queensland, the Clare Substation project was one component of a larger effort to construct a new substation in conjunction with Powerlink and Ergon adjacent to an existing substation that was eventually to be decommissioned.

Work from start to finish used FKG Group personnel and equipment and included the construction of the new platform and wearing surface, the main transformer and control building, the equipment foundations, installation of all earthing and conduits and the construction of a reinforced concrete cable trench. The final items including fencing and internal roadworks were performed by both FKG Group personnel and local sub-contractors.

This project required significant concrete and structural works with extremely fine tolerances which were delivered to above standard by FKG. We look forward to working with FKG, continuing our relationship and have no hesitation in recommending them for their quality and as a project partner.

Eddie Oliver

Senior Project Manager - Tenix Australia Pty Ltd