Injune Caravan Park

Location: Third Avenue, Injune, Queensland
Client: FKG Group
Status: Completed November, 2011
Value: $3 Million
Capability: Construction
Sector: Accommodation Solutions
Service: Design and Construct Services

The FKG Group redeveloped the Injune Caravan Park to cater to travelling workers and tourists who frequent the area. Works included the installation of modular accommodation units, upgrade of services, refurbishment of a barbeque area and construction of a kitchen and dining area. To mitigate risk in the flood-prone area, all cabins were constructed 1m off the ground.

The expansion was carried out on a live site with some residents requiring relocation. Community engagement was therefore critical to keep residents informed on the progress of works. Ongoing interaction with residents and staff allowed the site team to complete the project successfully and without interrupting Park operations.

The FKG Group also supported local businesses during the construction process, by utilising the hardware store at Injune for a large portion of the various products and materials required on-site.