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Redbank Plaza Bus Station

Location: Collingwood Drive, Redbank, Queensland
Client: Translink
Status: Completed February, 2012
Value: $1.5 Million
Capability: Civil
Sector: Transport
Service: Bulk Earthworks, Concrete

Faced with a growing number of passengers on existing bus services, Translink made the decision to upgrade the Redbank bus station and improve the bus services for commuters in the Greater Ipswich Region. The FKG Group was contracted to undertake the upgrade, which included a new sheltered bus platform with improved passenger facilities, upgrade of footpaths and landscaping, conversion of the existing bus stop into a larger taxi rank, and construction of two bus bays and a bus turnaround within the shopping centre carpark.

The bus turnaround was the first of its kind in Queensland, being adapted from an RTA design in New South Wales. The concrete mix design used throughout the project was specially made and trialled to satisfy construction design criteria, using steel fibres to replace the standard steel mesh and tie bars. The construction and design of the turnaround has reduced the distance buses are required to travel to the station, significantly improving travel times and traffic flow.