Inala Schools Cluster

Location: Inala, Queensland
Client: Department of Education and Training
Status: Completed July, 2010
Value: $36 Million
Capability: Construction
Sector: Education
Service: Design and Construct Services

The FKG Group was contracted to complete works for three schools in the Inala region including Glenala State High School, Inala State School and Western Suburbs State Special School. The project required the design and construction of 42 separate facilities to Education Queensland standards. With each school treated as a separable portion to the contract, there were a variety of activities incorporated, including refurbishment of existing buildings and the construction of new classrooms, multi-purpose centres, and science and language buildings.

As part of the government contract conditions the FKG Group was required to adhere to a 10% policy for apprentice hours and training. The FKG Group team undertook a school-based work experience and apprenticeship program with Glenala State High School, encouraging some students to work alongside subcontractors.

To enable the schools to continue operation, project works were staged, with the FKG Group having access to only two or three buildings per school at any one time. Temporary classrooms were acquired and construction works were programmed around school activities in close liaison with representatives.